Defining the future

August 2, 2018

By: William Peteroy

When Josh and I first set out on this journey, it was for a simple reason—to build new capabilities that would have a meaningful impact on enterprise security. We started with the idea that if enterprises can be compromised for less than $25 with simple phishing schemes while defenders faced incredible amounts of complexity and cost to mount a reasonable defense then something must change.

Over the past four years we’ve worked to shift the balance of power from attackers to defenders by providing our customers with industry leading data collection, processing and analytics capabilities backed by a world-class security research team. These capabilities empower our customers to rapidly identify and act against active threats in their environment in a way that’s simple for them to deploy and manage while scaling simply for new environments and challenges as their businesses grow.

As the team has grown from two to fifty, we’ve been able to accomplish nearly all of our initial business and technology goals. We’ve successfully thwarted advanced attacks against our clients, discovered 0day attacks and built capabilities deployed across 7 continents by some of the largest healthcare, technology and financial services clients in the world.

Our customers and partners have supported us throughout this journey and I am incredibly grateful. Without their help, support, feedback and belief in our capabilities we would never have been able to grow our approach and viewpoint to the place it is today.

We feel incredibly fortunate to have the opportunity as a part of Gigamon to define the future of network security and analytics.

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